#2017 – The Year In My Ear – Plätze 15-11

15. Max Richter – Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works61YW-3ZOb8L._SS500.jpg


14. Julien Baker –  Turn Out The Lights61R375xTZBL._SS500.jpg


13. Haim – Something To Tell You51rMQW4vcYL._SS500.jpg


12. Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear


11. Aldous Harding – Party51Bay1ZpNbL._SS500.jpg


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2 responses to “#2017 – The Year In My Ear – Plätze 15-11

  1. The Max Richter is my favourite release of 2017, but there are a couple here I really should check out, thanks.

  2. Call Me Appetite

    definetly! more favorites are coming within the next few days

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